SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

Are there services after solar powered garden lights installation?

Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. has been widely recognized by its customers with its solid technology and professional all in one solar street light. Various in styles, SRS's solar flood light can meet the needs of different customers. The luminous flux of SRS solar powered flashlight with phone charger is determined by many parameters, and the higher the luminous flux is, the brighter the lamp bead is. Thus, the luminous flux must be tested by an optical instrument to ensure its accuracy and precision. The product is built with overcharge and over-discharge protection to prolong the lifespan of the battery. The product features enough tensile. The materials used have been tested to stand up the working force applied to it. Featuring constant current stability, it has the ultra-low power loss.

The commitment to customers exemplifies our core values - Integrity. We unwaveringly refuse to lie or cheat our customers no matter in the issues of product quality, raw materials, test records, or delivery time.
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