SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

Any promotion team established by SRS in foreign countries?

Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. has a complete management system and a complete technical approach. Various in styles, SRS's solar flood light can meet the needs of different customers. Inspected by the quality supervision department, SRS solar street light is certified as the green light product and related certification mark is attached on its label. The product is especially perfect for emergency use such as blackout. The product gives adequate shock-absorption. Gel, or midsole, all of these materials cushion and reduce impact when the foot strikes the ground. It enjoys great popularity in overseas markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe.

Keeping innovating, improving, and stable cooperating relationships are our business goal. Under this goal, we always focus on market trends and provides worthy products for customers.
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