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Answer LED solar street light light bead little knowledge

by:SRS     2020-11-17
Led solar street light as the fifth generation of light source to replace the original lighting products has been the trend of The Times, as the core component of street lighting - among them - LED lamp bead is small, it is all-sided. Next, this article will introduce the led by which components? How to work? What is structure? Manufacturer of solar led street light, solar street lamp bead is mainly composed of stents, wires, chips, phosphor, glue and so on five parts. Stents: also called light cup, main effect is to install the LED chip. Conductor: it's ends chips and conductive pin line. Wire with 0 as required. 999 pure gold line. Can also use doped copper alloy wire to do, the price is low, the quality is poor. Chip: lamp bead in the core of the device is used for light. Glue: generally refers to: the silicone resin encapsulation of lamp bead the cooling performance is good, droop smaller, but the connection of the chip wires are easy to be broken, the price is relatively high. Phosphor: used to adjust the quality of the light. Want to know more about solar street light price list welcome consulting street lamp. solar street lamp factory specialized research and development production and sales of solar energy, led outdoor lighting, with many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, to buy the led solar street light, consulting the price of led , contact our online customer service, please click on the lights or call the service hotline, you are welcome to call to order!
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