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Analysis of common use problems of solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-06-16
With the shortage of traditional energy sources, solar solar street light are playing a more and more important role in people's lives. In particular, solar power generation has become a sunrise industry under the strong support of the state and has received increasing attention. But it also has problems of one kind or another. 1. The price factor of solar street lamps. In the development of solar street lamps, we have to mention solar power generation. The most restrictive aspect of its application is the price. From the perspective of a dual-channel solar street lamp, the two-channel load is 60 watts, and the battery panel 160W, if calculated according to the cost of 4 yuan per watt, the price of the battery panel involved is 640 yuan, plus the price of the 180AH battery pack is about 1080, which causes the one-time investment of street lights to be higher than that of power street lights. The constraints of solar street lights in the application field. 2. The service life of the solar street lamp battery. In the solar solar street lamp, the energy efficiency and price of the battery used should be considered comprehensively. The ordinary battery manufacturer can basically guarantee 3 to 5 years, while the general battery is one year or half a year. , After the warranty period, the battery may not be fully charged, and the actual charging efficiency may drop to 50%, which may affect the night lighting on continuous cloudy and rainy days, so it is very important to choose a high-efficiency battery.  3. Problems with the use of solar street lamps  In engineering construction, people often choose LEDs for street lighting, but the quality of solar led solar street light is also uneven. LEDs with serious light decay may attenuate 50% of the illuminance after half a year. Therefore, people should choose LED lamps with slow light decay in the process of use, and can also choose electrodeless lamps and low-pressure sodium lamps. So it can be said that when using solar street lights, people have to consider the installation price factor. Only a sufficient budget can be used to install solar street lights. The quality of the batteries involved in the installation process and the selection of lamps are all in The object to be considered in the installation of solar solar street light, that is to say, you should not be greedy for cheap and give up the pursuit of street lamp quality, otherwise it will definitely cause people a lot of trouble in future use.
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