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About the inevitable growth tendency of integration of solar street light

by:SRS     2020-10-30

since this year, appeared on the market a lot of integrated solar street light. Such products compared to the traditional traditional regular lamp installation is very convenient, less affected by the situation, flexible bento, receive market welcome and we assure you a few years the integration of solar street light will name the inevitable trend of development of solar lighting wealth, admittedly said in front of the conventional street light skills and there have been improvements.

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but it is consumed by use of energy and generate electricity is a big investment, overall is regular lamp cost is more than 20% higher than the integration of solar energy street light prices, and the daily defended also expensive. For the integration of solar street lamps used, more common view is: true initial investment is higher than conventional streetlights, but given that saves electricity costs? So the total charge just as well, and compared to conventional lights is still have an advantage.

integration structure and conventional street lamp, solar street lamps integrated solar street light through the power of the appropriate cavity temperature add lightning protection design and anti surge protector to greatly improve the reliability of lamps and lanterns. Currently integrated solar street lighting skills remains to be perfect, but the integration of solar lighting will become a new trend.

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