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A fire burning lithium batteries are the worst?

by:SRS     2021-01-17
A fire burning lithium batteries are the worst? Recently in such a circle of friends show, a factory installed lithium-ion battery solar street lamps, lithium batteries over the lamp post burn up and the fire is quite big, so friends said, 'do you still dare to buy low price? 'In fact, for the lithium battery, the combustion or explosion, would have no fresh things, even the iphone might burn up, let alone street lamps several times larger than the cell phone battery of lithium battery? Here, I'm not to speak for the street lamp manufacturers, also is not to say that the street light is our production, combustion, lithium-ion batteries is a probability problem, in terms of the present science and technology, is unable to completely avoid, samsung mobile phone bad, apple mobile phone bad, huawei mobile phone bad, they can not avoid such a thing will happen, let alone a solar street lamps factory? At our local have a manufacturer of batteries, lithium-ion batteries, batteries, lithium-ion batteries, 2017 explosion, and quickly spread to the whole factory area, can't control, all of all fire, and how to evaluate it? Maybe some manufacturer's state of mind is to watch the scene of bustle, expensive to show off in front of the customer is good, but the client will really buy your account? Once, a client, we have a salesman show customers the lithium battery burning case, say the good things in our house, after the guests left, the boss told the salesman that it is not necessary to tell the guest that, on the one hand, seems we are not honest, on the one hand, the guests also won't buy your account, we put the quality well, the price is reasonable, the guests will come naturally.
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