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A common fault and its reason analysis of solar street light

by:SRS     2020-06-03
common faults: common fault has two kinds: one kind is high resistance fault; Another kind is low resistance fault. So-called high impedance fault, namely cable was burn out, the instrument measuring the resistance is bigger, or of a drop in insulation or alternate with, but there is a certain resistance; The so-called low resistance fault, that is, quite short wire short or over the ground, current, power trip. factory remind: the two kinds of fault and its frequent use of solar energy street light normal pose a threat. Therefore, must be full attention, find the reason and countermeasures. The cause of the problem: 1, the poor quality of construction for construction quality caused by the fault for a larger proportion. Main performance: one is the depth of the cable trench is not enough, sanding cover brick construction according to the standard; 2 it is aisle pipe production and installation does not conform to the requirements of both ends not made syndromes according to the standard beep mouth; Three is cable when the shop is dragging on the ground; Four is not in accordance with the requirements of standard construction is the foundation of embedded pipe, refined classification is mainly embedded pipe, coupled with a certain amount, difficult in cable, bending situation appears at the bottom of the base of death; Five is the line nose and the thickness of insulation wrapped pressure is not enough, after a long run would interphase short circuit. 2, material don't pass it from years of treatment failure, material quality is low and there is a big factor. Main show is: less wire containing aluminum, lead is hard, thin insulating layer. This situation is more common in recent years. 3, form a complete set of engineering quality is not high solar street light cable generally spread on the sidewalk. The pavement construction quality is poor, ground subsidence, the cable force deformation, cable sheathing. Especially in the alpine zone in northeast China, the winter arrival, make the cable and soil to form a whole, the ground once appear, settlement, will be a tear at the bottom of the solar street light base, and by the summer rain, will burn out in basic root. 4, design is not reasonable on the one hand is overloaded. With the continuous development of city construction, solar street light also extends continuously, the new tended to be near which solar street light, solar street lamp which received circuit, combined with the advertising career developing rapidly in recent years, advertising load were accordingly on the solar street light, make the solar street light load is too large, cable line nose overheating, heat, insulation, a grounding short circuit, and so on and so forth; Is on the other hand, when light pole design only consider oneself circumstance of light pole, ignore the cable head space, cable head wrapped good later, most are even doesn't close the door, sometimes the cable length is not enough, joint production does not conform to the requirements, the causes of failure.
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