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30 watts of 6 m solar street light how much is the price?

by:SRS     2020-04-27
Mainly by the light pole, the price of led solar street lamp light source, solar panels, battery, controller of five main parts such as price, the price of the material of different parts have different package, the price of solar street lamp manufacturers package is different. You can directly communicate with online customer service, we quote you the latest product package. First 30 w 6 m solar street light pole and power have been identified, the controller is usually the price is in 80 yuan to 100 yuan. The rest of the main is the price of solar panels and batteries, solar panels and the size of the battery capacity mainly determines the price of the high and low, so you must know every night lights on the time and the local rainy day. Normal use rural 30 watts of 6 m price is in 1200 yuan - led solar street lamp 1500 yuan, can fully meet the demand of rural road lighting. Rural environment is more complex to use solar energy street lamps, the follow-up maintenance and maintenance has certain difficulty, so choice must pay attention to quality and led solar street lamp manufacturer, is the best option to 3 packets and after-sale guarantee.
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